Office Furniture Team

Jill Madore | Moncton

Cell: (506) 875-9171

I am a certified designer and joined the Office Environments team at Chandler in 2017. Prior to that I had over 15 years of sales experience in the design field. Helping people and businesses enhance and transform their space with great design and superior products is what I love to do. The dynamic landscape of office design is changing rapidly, by focusing on you and your space, I can offer solutions for offices from every sector of the business community. The work force of today is demanding a space to work in that is more flexible to keep up with our mobile technology requirements and promotes community and collaboration. By creating an environment that focuses on how people work and use the space, production and creativity will flourish.  

Lesley Brewer | Halifax

Cell: (902) 222-1815

I've been with the Chandler, Office Environments division since 2006. Prior to my time at Chandler, I had over 20 years of experience in the office furniture industry. My architectural technology educational background and experience with an interior design firm, has helped me in collaborating with customers to create great places to work. I've also completed the "Herman Miller PEAK Healthcare Training", which is an extensive course in healthcare design. Throughout the years, I've completed many projects in both commercial and healthcare industries, on-time and on-budget with no deficiencies and complete customer satisfaction. The biggest compliment is that I've had customers follow me for over 20 years throughout my various roles.

Paula Spicer | Saint John

Cell: (506) 343-4238

I joined the Chandler, Office Environments team back in 2014, bringing with me years of experience in the office furniture industry. Delivering great customer service has always been my priority, regardless of project size, all clients are important to me. I love my job because I really enjoy dealing with people. I've tried other career paths in the past and it wasn't long that I realized I missed interacting with people. I have always enjoyed result driven projects and in the furniture world, the sky is the limit, which keeps it from ever getting dull. Whether I'm helping to set someone up ergonomically or redesigning a new space, the smile of contentment is what I most look forward to.

Steve Durham | Saint John

Cell: (506) 650-5444

I've been with Chandler in the Office Environments division since 2008. Before coming to Chandler, I worked at various technology companies in New Brunswick and British Columbia. I graduated from UNBSJ in 2004 with a business degree, which has helped me in my present role. My primary focus at Chandler has been on affiliate companies as well as private companies with specialized needs. I love what I do because I get to see new places and faces every day and I am able to see how other businesses operate. Working with office environments provides me with a unique perspective of how employee attraction and retention directly affects the bottom line. It is great when I can present a new product or service to a client to help them save money and improve their operations.

Terry Hines | Halifax

Cell: (902) 717-3329

I joined the Chandler Office Environments team in 2017. Having been in sales for 30 years before that, I have come to develop many contacts and friends throughout Atlantic Canada. My years of experience have allowed me to become objective and realistic in my efforts to find the absolute best solution to satisfy the needs of my customers. Throughout the years, I have been fortunate enough to work with great architects and designers and I look forward to building new relationships within in my new role. My primary goal is to increase awareness of the great products and services that we offer at Chandler and to increase our trade business. In my spare time I enjoy golf, hockey, basketball, cooking and spending time with my family on our small hobby farm near Martock.