Safety/Vending Supplies Team

Peter Mcilveen | Halifax

Cell: (902) 456-8535

Although I was born in New Brunswick I have spent most of my life in Halifax. I started with Chandler in 1999. Prior to joining the Chandler team I spent 10 years in the hospitality industry and was a lead trainer with that company’s customer service department. Recently, I became an Account Manager for the Halifax Shipyard. What I enjoy the most about my job is being able to help my customers find the right solution for their particular needs.

Randy Hussey | Halifax

Cell: (902) 478-0616

With over 15 years in sales and many years in the safety industry I was happy to take on the role of Safety and Industrial Account manager for Chandler. I am a graduate of the University of Fredericton's Health, Safety, & Environmental Processes Program (CHSEP). I am also a certified Construction Safety Supervisor (CSS), a National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) and a member of the Canadian Society of Safety & Engineering (CSSE). With all my experience in Safety, my customers know they are getting the expertise they need when making their buying decisions.

Joann Boyle | Saint John

Cell: (506) 636-1093

I started my career with Kent Building Supplies in 1997 in the seasonal department. Since then, I have had many opportunities within the organization such as Purchasing, IT Business Liaison and Process Improvement. I came to Chandler in August 2012 to continue my growth in Process Improvement. My last project was to develop and implement a vending machine solution for our J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) affiliated companies. During that project I became interested in the sales side of the business and became the Account Manager for the vending machine solutions that was implemented in July 2015. I am currently the Safety/Vending Account Manager for most of the JDI affiliate companies in New Brunswick. What I love most about my job is working with customers and finding them products and solutions that help make their workplaces safer.