Fall Protection

We’ve got you protected

Falls from elevations can lead to serious injuries with long recovery periods. If you are at risk for falling three meters or more at your workplace, you should wear the appropriate fall protection equipment. Inspection, training and rescue are critical for a comprehensive fall protection program.

Fall protection equipment includes:

Full Body Harnesses

  • Back D-rings for fall arrest
  • Front D-rings for rescue
  • Side D-rings for positioning
  • Arc-Rated harnesses

Energy Absorbing Lanyards

  • Energy absorber shock packs
  • Hooks ranging from small self-locking and closing snap hooks to large rebar hooks

Self-Retracting Lanyards

  • Configurations and lengths from 6 feet to 165 feet

Anchorage Connectors

  • Temporary or permanent
  • Approved anchorage connector straps
  • Approved carabiners

Ladder Climbing Devices

Horizontal Lifelines

Rescue & Descent