Hand Protection

We’ve got you protected

There are many types of gloves and fabrics such as, cotton, leather and rubber that are impervious to liquids. Gloves should be chosen for the specific hazard and job task at hand. Chandler is committed to delivering gloves that will protect workers from the harshest conditions, in the widest array of applications. 

Disposable Gloves
Provide limited protection against liquids, oils, chemicals and mechanical hazards, but are an excellent choice for contamination protection. They are ideal for tasks requiring short-term protection from minor hazards. Typical applications include maintenance, inspection and food preparation. They are usually discarded after a single use.

Liquid & Chemical Resistant Gloves
Provide a continuous membrane that protects the hands from hazardous and non-hazardous substances. Many liquid and chemical resistant gloves can also be used for protection against abrasion, cuts, tears and punctures. Their applications vary depending on the material used.

General Purpose Gloves
Encompass many designs and materials. For the most part, they are intended to provide protection from dirt and mechanical hazards or to enhance the wearer’s grip. Some types are also liquid proof, but generally offer low levels of chemical protection.

Cut Resistant Gloves
Specifically designed to provide protection against sharp objects such as blades, glass and metals. Gloves in this category offer enhanced protection compared to similar looking general purpose gloves, because they’re made from materials that offer superior performance against mechanical hazards.