Respiratory Protection

We’ve got you protected

There are many types of respirators available to protect against a variety of atmospheric hazards. It is important that the respirator being used for a particular job protects against the hazard in question. Using the wrong respirator can be as dangerous as not wearing one at all. All respirators must fit well and provide a proper seal with the wearer's face in order to provide adequate protection.

Count on us to help you understand what will best suit your work environment. 

Disposable Respirators
Ideal where dusts, mists and fumes may be present.

Chemical Cartridge Respirators
Ideal to filter out gases and organic vapours.

Powered Air Purifying Respirators
Ideal when there might be excessive dust levels or pesticides.

Gas Masks
Ideal for high concentrations of specific gases, usually has a full face piece and canister attached.

Supplied Air Respirators
Ideal in highly toxic and oxygen deficient atmospheres.